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Date: Wednesday, 12 June 2024
Duration: 1-day workshop from 08:00 to 16:00
Venue: Centurion Country Club, Boardroom

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Objective of the workshop

Great writing is all about giving your ideas the respect they deserve, especially when dealing with challenging topics. Whether you're a seasoned writer, just starting out, or somewhere in between, everyone can benefit from what this workshop has to offer!

Attendees will acquire a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in writing for agricultural publishing magazines and social media platforms, enabling them to navigate these channels with skill and confidence.


Dr Pieter Henning

Dr Pieter Henning has played a leading role as a presenter at previous AFMA Technical Writing Skills Workshops. He wrote numerous technical articles over the last 10 years for various agricultural magazines, including AFMA Matrix. Dr Henning has been involved in the South African livestock industry since 1980.

Lynette Louw

Lynette Louw is the CEO and owner of Plaas Media. She has been in the communications and media industry for the past 34 years, starting out at the former Department of Constitutional Development, where she was part of the team who drafted the South African Constitution. She has been involved in agricultural media since 2005. She holds a BA degree in Linguistics from the University of Pretoria, a BA Hons degree in Linguistics from the University of South Africa, a post-graduate diploma in technical translation, and a BA degree in Educational Psychology. Her specialty is engineering technical and semi-scientific content to serve a multitude of media platforms while educating and informing role-players from all levels of agricultural society.


Renate Louw

Renate Louw is a seasoned digital content specialist with a robust foundation in language practice. She holds a BIS Publishing degree from the University of Pretoria. Her expertise lies in navigating the intricacies of the web to deliver content that resonates with the intended audience at the optimal moment. Renate thrives on employing her problem-solving acumen to diagnose and resolve website issues, fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement. With skills that encompass search engine optimisation (SEO), content management and web design, she is adept at leveraging platforms such as WordPress and tools such as Google Analytics to enhance web presence. Her background as a sub-editor at Plaas Media and her current role as a web editor reflect her ability to manage and refine digital content effectively, ensuring that it engages and informs its audience.

Phillip Crafford

Phillip Crafford graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2012 after obtaining his BA degree in visual communication and art history. He has worked a variety of industries, always in communication. From a position at an academic library, to a non-profit organisation and as local staff at a diplomatic mission in Pretoria, he found his way to Plaas Media where social media content generation and communication is the order of the day. His tasks include, among others, ensuring that clients get good social media exposure and that posts are created in accordance with the relevant platforms’ algorithms and adhere to constantly changing rules.


Deidré Louw

Deidré Louw is the public relations and communications manager of Plaas Media and has worked for the company for six years. She currently runs three national projects, over 40 sponsorships, various barter deals and partnerships as well as the company’s PR, communications, and online and social media department, as well as client social media campaigns and accounts. She holds an undergraduate degree in BA Behavioural Science from the North-West University, a BCom Honours degree in Industrial Psychology from UNISA, and a MCom degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Pretoria. She has also completed a course in business management at North-West University.

She enjoys working with people and thrives in fast-paced environments where she can continuously learn and develop herself. Her goal is to take Plaas Media to the next level where everyone in the agricultural industry acknowledges the company as their go-to media house and PR partner in the agricultural industry.

Animal Scientists and Researchers
Professionals in the field of animal science who want to effectively communicate their research findings, methodologies, and conclusions through technical writing.
Professionals working in veterinary medicine, who need to write reports, articles, or papers for academic, professional, or public consumption.
Students in Animal Science or Veterinary Programs
Undergraduate and graduate students studying animal science or veterinary medicine who want to improve their writing skills for academic assignments, research papers, and future careers.
Animal Health Professionals
Professionals working in animal health, such as animal health technicians, animal health inspectors, and animal welfare officers, who need to document their observations, assessments, and recommendations.
Journalists and Writers
Individuals who write about animal-related topics for newspapers, magazines, websites, or blogs and want to enhance their writing skills for online platforms.
Communications Specialists
Professionals responsible for communicating about animal science-related topics within organisations, universities, government agencies, or non-profit organisations.
Educators and Trainers
Professionals involved in teaching or training others in animal science or related fields who want to improve their instructional materials and resources.
Freelance Writers and Content Creators
Writers who specialise in creating content related to animal science, such as blog posts, articles, eBooks, or social media content, and want to enhance their writing skills for online platforms.
Industry Professionals
Individuals working in the animal agriculture industry, such as livestock producers, feed manufacturers, or animal nutritionists, who need to communicate technical information to colleagues, clients, or the public.


– Learn how to –

  • Take the fear and tedium out of technical writing
  • Structure your writing process in an effective manner
  • Pick striking topics that will interest readers
  • Adjust your writing style to fit your audience
  • Use pictures and diagrams to explain ideas better
  • Write for online platforms

– You will also –

  • Learn layout tricks to make articles easier and more fun to read
  • Understand what editors want from your articles so you can take the pain out of getting published
  • Explore the ethical issues that come with writing and publishing, such as avoiding plagiarism and giving credit where credit is due
  • Bring back the fun and excitement of writing, instead of experiencing it as a chore

Workshop programme for the day

What previous attendees say about the workshop

  • Eric de Rauville

    The workshop offered valuable insights into writing technical articles in the modern era, teaching new techniques to effectively convey your message to your target audience.

    Eric de Rauville
    Ruminant Technical Advisor, Meadow Feeds KwaZulu-Natal
  • Holly van Gerve

    This was an outstanding course to attend. The entire day was meticulously planned with engaging topics of discussion. The course shed light on areas often overlooked when compiling a technical article and encouraged us to be creative. I particularly enjoyed the comparison between writing articles for magazines and those for online platforms. It was interactive, provided excellent examples, and offered a comprehensive 360˚ view of what writing an article entails.

    Holly van Gerve
    Strategic Account Manager – Monogastric & In-Feeds, Elanco Animal Health South Africa
  • Thabisa Soko

    The workshop offered clear and engaging guidelines on the differences between scientific and technical writing. I was particularly captivated by the session on writing for online platforms. These skills enable one to reach a wider audience, and the innovative ways to use language and technology to better target the market are impressive. This is a workshop I would recommend to a broad audience, regardless of their area of specialization.

    Thabisa Soko
    Junior Formulator, Epol
  • Ruth O'Reilly

    The practical exercise and emphasis on social media and online writing platforms were the highlights of the AFMA Technical Writing Skills Workshop for me. We received valuable tips and reminders on effectively communicating with our agricultural audience. I highly recommend everyone in the technical writing field to attend next year!

    Ruth O'Reilly
    Technical marketing manager, Alltech
  • Rebaonae Letlole-Puzi

    It was a fantastic experience, with a wealth of information shared, including insights on which literature to study to enhance one’s understanding of statistics. I especially appreciated the article tracking system advice that Dr. Henning shared with us.

    Rebaonae Letlole-Puzi
    Technical Manager, Crown Chickens
  • Waldo Macdonald

    Writing technical articles as a young animal scientist presents an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge and stay updated with the latest industry trends. It also provides significant exposure within the field. During this course, I discovered that writing a technical article differs greatly from writing a scientific article. While the research process may be similar, effectively communicating the message to the audience demands a distinct set of skills.

    Waldo Macdonald
    Technical Manager: Monogastric, Nutri Feeds
  • Vuyani Luzipho

    The AFMA Technical Writing Skills Workshop was highly productive. I particularly enjoyed Pieter’s sessions, where he focused on the technical elements of crafting an article. The workshop provided valuable insights into what editors seek when reviewing submissions and how to compose an effective technical article. Additionally, it was a fantastic opportunity for networking and making new connections.

    Vuyani Luzipho
    Technical Manager, Voermol
  • Shaé De Kock

    Attending the AFMA Technical Writing Workshop was an incredible experience. I not only learned the basics of writing technical articles but also picked up valuable social media tips. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone new to article writing.

    Shaé De Kock
    Marketing Coordinator, Trouw Nutrition South Africa


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Only 30 seats available.


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